Thursday, February 8, 2018

The first in a series of short writings based on our recent ecotourism trip to Costa RIca


Saturday morning I was in the tropics, twelve hours later I got off the plane in Omaha to a wind-chill blizzard. When we left for Costa Rica on January 26, I decided that I would simply disconnect from the Internet for the ten days we were gone. For the benefit of my GOP friends, those ten days in the company of intelligent, self-confident, dark-skinned, multi-lingual people who placed enormous value on their living natural resources were an enormous relief from the shallow, discriminatory, theocratic, Trump wannabe folks who seem to be dominating the news from my home country nowadays. I know, ecotourism places you in contact with special people, but so does a trip to the Oklahoma legislature. More later. Foreign travel always does things to my mind. Back when I was still teaching those large classes, it took a serious effort to resist dumping on that captive audience after I’d returned. That restriction no longer applies. Over the next few days you’ll get the results. Cheers. In the meantime, here’s looking at you from the swamp.

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