Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Excerpt from THE STITCHER FILE - available on kindle, nook, and iBooks

THE STITCHER FILE is a sequel to the first Gideon Marshall Mystery Series e-book, BE CAREFUL, DR. RENNER. Both are set in a small, upscale, liberal arts college in Iowa.
It’s a very neutral male voice. Regardless of whatever behavior you might see on television, I have yet to meet a discourteous law officer. These two are standing just inside our front door, dripping snow melt on the mat Mykala puts there in the winter. For some strange reason, I find myself worrying about their cold weather gear. None of the officers I’ve encountered in the past few hours have been wearing truly Arctic-quality parkas, although the ones kneeling out on the UP tracks, trying to get Stitcher’s body up before the train obliterated it, had on heavy jackets. Both of the men now inside our house are standard uniformed law enforcement types, all covered in blue, leather, patches, name plates, clubs, TASERs, Glocks, and microphones clipped to epaulettes. Both are physically intimidating, obviously in great shape, broad shoulders.
“Good morning, Dr. Marshall,” says the taller one. His name tag reads Matthew Grimes. “We’d like for you to come with us, but before you do, we need to make sure you’ve been told your rights.” He takes out a card, holds it up in front of his chest, and reads.
“Any person taken into custody has the right to remain silent and must be informed that anything that he or she says may be used against him or her in court. You have the right to consult with an attorney and that attorney may be present during questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney, the court will appoint one for you at no cost.” He returns the card to his shirt pocket. “Do you understand your rights, Dr. Marshall?”
“I’m being arrested and taken somewhere for questioning?”
“It’s just a precaution, Dr. Marshall. Would you please sign this receipt?”
The other officer hands me a small clipboard with a form. By signing it, I’m acknowledging that I have indeed been read my Miranda rights. I sign and return the form; the officer, Michael Bradshaw, according to his name tag, signs it, passes the clipboard to Grimes, who also signs, then rips off the top copy. Mykala reaches around me and takes it. I didn’t realize she was standing there, listening.
“Do I get to put on my shoes?”
“One of us will accompany you, Dr. Marshall.” This is Grimes speaking. “Sorry about the snow, sorry about tracking water through your house, Mrs. Marshall, but we really don’t have a choice. We need to stay with you now. We assume you will come with us without having to be restrained.”
“He does not need to be restrained,” Mykala assures them, but then can’t resist adding “except maybe when he starts talking.”

(Watch for the third Gideon Marshall Mystery some time in spring, 2015.) 

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