Tuesday, March 25, 2014

End of the world prediction from INTELLIGENT DESIGNER


Politically active creationists have managed to keep the word “evolution” in the center of the debate over human origins, which to be honest is an entirely political one, that is, a culture war, but one with very real consequences for our nation. Scientists have established, unequivocally, that humans evolved from non-human primate ancestors. We may not know exactly which one of these ancestral species was our progenitor, but based on the scientific evidence, it is abundantly clear that there are several good candidates among the now-extinct primates that inhabited Africa five to ten million years ago. Those discoveries have not done much to erode the belief, among conservative Christians and those who are scientifically illiterate, that we the people are not “descended from monkeys” but instead made by God in God’s image.
Belief may trump knowledge in the political arena, but never in the arena of life on Earth. We will, eventually, live out our species’ destiny as really smart apes, whether that destiny be obliteration by nuclear weapons of mass destruction, starvation and genetic bottleneck once our population reaches its so-called stable limits, or destruction of the biosphere to the point that our populations are no longer sustainable. The time when we get our biological comeuppance cannot be predicted accurately, but it can certainly be estimated, based on per-capita water use and the global petroleum supply. Most scientists estimate that time somewhere near the end of the current century, that is, 2060-2100.
Scientists also estimate that the global population will level off about that same time. That estimate actually is a testable hypothesis, an assertion, although not necessarily one that can be considered an “experiment” as we usually define the term. Nevertheless, humans, including most American children born from 1990 to 2010, that is those currently old enough to vote, or who will become old enough to vote before many current politicians are up for re-election, will get to see the result of humanity’s test of the scientific hypothesis that exponential growth can be sustained forever, especially when sustained by fixed an diminishing resources. The fact is that we already know the result (it cannot). The general principle that exponential growth cannot be sustained indefinitely against fixed resources is so well known that our collective vision of the future ought to be a no-brainer.
Unfortunately, for the species and our nation, our nation’s leaders simply do not understand this principle, and certainly are not equipped to explain it to an electorate that believes otherwise. We are a nation that depends, like life’s blood itself, on science literacy.

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