Monday, March 4, 2013

International Read-an-eBook Week

March 3-9 is Read-an-eBook week, so five of mine are supposed to be available for that week (only) as free downloads from Here's the list:
DINKLE'S LIFE: A SPIRITUAL BIOGRAPHY (a ghost story for our times!)
THE GINKGO: AN INTELLECTUAL AND VISIONARY COMING OF AGE ("an evocative book about ideas, exactly the kind of thing the American book-buying public is getting increasingly impatient with" - my agent)
CONVERSATIONS BETWEEN GOD AND SATAN (for anyone who's ever been to the Crescent Moon Coffee House)
CHRISTIAN ZOMBIE: A TALE OF SIN AND REDEMPTION (paranormal and inspirational seem to be the best sellers on Smashwords, so I combined the two [okay, it's satire])
INTELLIGENT DESIGNER: EVOLUTION FOR POLITICIANS (a contribution to the culture wars)

Go to, search on Janovy or the titles, and use the codes that show up to download free copies.  All but the last are probably an embarrassment to the family, but that's what happens when you get to be a certain age! - JJ

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